Sunday, April 06, 2008

Dentist visit from hell

So I went to the dentist this weekend after not going for a long, long time. I decided to go to a different doctor since the one I was going to is an hour away from me. This seemed silly since I'm in a big city and there are tons of doctors to choose from.

I had a full set of xrays done which were taken digitally and very cool. I was happy to see no cavities and no bone loss in my teeth. Then, when I thought the cleaning would start the doctor told me... He doesn't do cleanings for new patients, but rather "teaches" patients the right way to brush. After a few weeks I'd come back and see if I was brushing correctly, then get a cleaning. I was immediatley annoyed because since I'm going to RT I really wanted a cleaning... I mentioned going out of town and wanting the cleaning but no... not how he worked... So he opened a new toothbrush and started brushing my teeth in a mirror so I could see it... Did I mention the toothbrush was DRY?? After around 20 seconds passed I decided I couldnt handle seeing the bleeding from my gums... (I dont do blood well... mine or anyone else's!!) I stopped him and told him this so he flipped the mirror so I wouldnt have to see it. Fast forward to him done, talking to me with a bloody toothbrush in his hand... When I left I had a tremendous headache and I'm surprised my head didn't explode.

I am hoping things go better when I go to get my haircut later this