Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Please Vote for my Friend!

My best friend from high school is a photographer and needs votes! She is in the running for "Best Photographer" in Naperville Magazine. You need to create a log in and password to vote, but I promise it is super easy. And for all of you Chgo people... You can vote 10 times!! Come on, you know you love that!! The link is http://napervillemagazine.com/?q=node/407/

Vote Kate Dwyer- Lollipop Portraits

Kate took all the studio pictures of me I use online as "Capture His Heart Again". http://www.capturehisheartagain.com/
She takes kids, babies and maternity as Lollipop Portraits. http://www.lollipopportraits.com/ I am including a few kid pictures here so you can see the incredible quality of her work.

Thanks to anyone who votes!

1 comment:

Koppchick said...

Hey, there are quite a few things to vote for other then photographer but I didn't see one for the worst ex-husband, LOL!(Mine lives in Naperville)
I did vote, Chicago style, 10 times from each email address and she does take some beautiful photos!